Social Gathering > Best Practices > 06 b
Explore creating flush or level streets without curb and gutter to create a seamless space for larger gatherings.
Social Gathering > Best Practices > 06 a
Provide wide sidewalks that allow pedestrian movement and gathering to happen simultaneously.
Commerce > Best Practices > 06 e
Depending on the space available, establish a range of standard kiosk sizes that could range from about 3 feet by 5 feet to 8 feet by 10 feet, and still ensure ADA compliant access.
Commerce > Best Practices > 06 d
Look for unusual or innovative forms or locations for these kiosks. For example, consider the French bouquinistes, which are mounted on top of walls at about eye-level. When they are open, the seller’s goods are easy to peruse.
Commerce > Best Practices > 06 c
Where new buildings are to be constructed, consider incorporating exterior nooks to accommodate small vendors. Ensure that any doors provide an attractive street presence even when businesses are closed.
Commerce > Best Practices > 06 b
Position kiosks or stands to avoid blocking the view of traditional commerce areas, such as market halls or retail spaces.
Commerce > Best Practices > 06 a
Ensure a continuous 5- to 8-foot wide ADA compliant pedestrian access along the sidewalk.
Wayfinding > Best Practices > 06 d
Ensure the compatibility of print logos and color palettes with print media and mobile technology applications.


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