Case Studies
Rose Kennedy Greenway
Boston, MA


Public art and play structures can serve many purposes: as an interactive play structure, creative inspiration, or as a gathering point for play activities. The Rose Kennedy Greenway (RKG) uses art and interactive structures to their fullest. The RKG is the 1.5 mile park that replaced Boston’s Central Artery, an elevated highway that ran directly through the heart of downtown. Traffic now travels below the park in a tunnel. The RKG is a median park between two high-volume local roads, and the park is crossed by a number of perpendicular streets. The greenway varies in width and has different amenities in each segment. Although the RKG design has been criticized as unimaginative and not responsive to its context, its public art and interactive structures have been tremendously popular with children and families from the very beginning. On warm days throughout the year, the park is teeming with children and families who play in one of the several fountains and in the large grassy areas, or sit and have lunch in a plaza.

Adopted From: Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Lessons Learned
Potential Benefits

  • Provides creative inspiration for play.
  • Serves as a gathering point for play activities.
  • Increases green space for families and communities.

Potential Issues:

  • Ensure context-sensitive design.


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