About re:Streets

About re:Streets Project

re:Streets is a fundamental rethinking of America's streets. Building on the Complete Streets movement, the re:Streets project is developing a comprehensive design manual for creating streets that are truly for everyone. What would streets look like if they accommodated people of all ages and abilities, promoted healthy urban living, social interaction and business, the movement of people and goods and regeneration of the environment? How will the form and function of streets change as we adopt new technologies?

The project will develop a wide variety of innovative solutions by gathering the most recent, cutting edge research on street design, combined with a design charrette featuring experts and innovators in professions related to the design of streets. The most effective solutions will be published online as an eBook and in a manual at a future date. Some of the solutions will be methods that have already been tested and proven effective; others will be experimental.

Information from the re:Streets project will be available to anyone who wants to design a better street for their community. The project eBook will be downloadable for free at a future date. As solutions are tried and streets are built or remodeled, the results will be added to the re:Streets eBook, creating an evolving, collaborative reference for improving our communities and the health of the planet.

re:Streets is a non-profit effort and no firm, organization or individual will receive direct financial gain from the project.


Project Advisory Group

Chris Beynon, Board of Directors, International Downtown Association (IDA)

Maggie Campbell, President, Partnership for Downtown St. Louis

Tim Gilbert, Board of Directors, America Walks, Liaison to Complete Streets Coalition

Susan Goltsman, Principal, MIG, Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, UC Berkeley

Daniel Iacofano, Principal, MIG

Elizabeth Macdonald, Department of City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley

Mukul Malhotra, Director of Urban Design, MIG

Rock Miller, Vice President, Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)

Anne Nelson, Environmental Program Coordinator, Bureau of Environmental Services, City of Portland

Norm Steinman, Manager, Planning and Design, City of Charlotte Department of Transportation


Project Participants

Over 100 professionals from across the country, including urban designers, architects, planners, landscape architects, transportation engineers, ecologists and mobility experts participated in the re:Streets Design Charrette on July 21-23, 2011.

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