Wayfinding > Best Practices > 01 e
In situations where information conveyed changes relatively often, use dynamic wayfinding elements or equivalent QR (quick response) code technology.
Wayfinding > Best Practices > 01 d
Have in place procedures and allocated funding for the timely and efficient updating of wayfinding content and features. (Example: Portland has a sign sponsorship program to cover maintenance costs, which also adds a sponsor’s name to the sign(s) they choose.)
Wayfinding > Best Practices > 01 c
As part of the scheduled maintenance of wayfinding elements, identify content that is missing, obscured, out-of-date or presents navigational conflicts.
Wayfinding > Best Practices > 01 b
Provide a way to collect real-time user feedback on wayfinding and interpretive features using mobile technology apps.
Wayfinding > Best Practices > 01 a
Provide test periods for temporary signage elements before permanent systems are installed.
Green Infrastructure > Best Practices > 01 f
Build water storage vaults under impervious drive lanes and parking areas to capture rainwater and store it for reuse.
Green Infrastructure > Best Practices > 01 e
Replace solid coverage of asphalt or concrete with pervious asphalt, pervious concrete, permeable pavers, and plastic grid systems to allow water infiltration to tree root zones.


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